Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is a legal discipline seeking to protect incorporeal rights constituted by intellectual works, and regardless of their nature (technical, esthetic, commercial, etc.).

Intellectual property law has several branches, including intellectual property law.

Intellectual property itself relates to those rights that apply to trade and industry in a broad sense. These rights include in particular:

  • patent law which seeks to protect inventions, i.e. creations of a technical and/or scientific character;
  • design law which seeks to protect the esthetic appearance of an object (possibly also having technical characteristics that can be protected by patent);
  • trademark law which seeks to protect a distinctive sign serving to identify goods and/or services, for example.

Cabinet Didier Martin was founded in 1996 by a former patent Examiner of the European Patent Office (Munich), so from the beginning the firm has developed recognized specific expertise in the protection of technical creations and patent law.

Over the years Cabinet Didier Martin has also developed increasing activity in the field of trademarks and designs, so that its working area covers all aspects of intellectual property law.

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