The services provided in contractual matters include the following:

Contract law

  • Assistance with negotiating
  • Legal assistance and contract drafting
  • Study and review of contracts / IP contract audit
  • Contractual framework for inventions by employees and legal representatives

In practice, this concerns contracts for assignment, licensing, co-ownership, communication of know-how, confidentiality, research / collaboration, company investments, technology transfer, commercial contracts (distribution, etc.), employee inventors, pledging of IP rights.

The contracts prepared in the firm are systematically drawn up in a legal / engineering relationship, in order to optimally apprehend all situations, whatever their levels of technical complexity.


  • in the French register
  • in the European register
  • in the international register
  • in the national registers of all countries concerned

of transfer agreements and agreements on the granting of IP rights as well as any agreement modifying such rights.

In practice, this concerns changes to the legal situation of the proprietor of IP rights (change of name / company name, legal form, address / registered office, etc.), transactions transferring the ownership of IP rights (assignment, investment, merger, etc.) and licenses for the exploitation of IP rights.

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